Although most people grow indoors to avoid any security issues, there are still some problems that can crop up if you’re not careful. In many jurisdictions, growing marijuana is still definitely illegal, and, if any unfriendly snitch thinks there’s reason to suspect that you are growing, you could wind up behind bars (or at least paying a hefty fine). The first rule about growing marijuana is don’t talk about growing marijuana. Even if you feel like you’re friendly with your neighbor or your bank teller or an acquaintance, they might not be friendly with the practice of growing marijuana.

Although it’s natural for any gardener to want to tell everyone about their exploits, it’s dangerous when the plant their gardening happens to be illegal. If you have a window in your grow room, then concealing the marijuana plants won’t be that easy unless your window isn’t visible to your neighbors or anyone else from the outside. Also, if you leave the grow lights on at night, it might lead someone to suspect that something illicit is going on. To avoid that, you can buy a blackout curtain that you can leave pulled down for most of the time you spend growing marijuana. A blackout curtain will also help make the flowering period easier because it ensures that no outside light will leak in. Sometimes, your marijuana plants will give off the distinctive smell that you associate with cannabis. It might be relatively strong waft out of any open windows. The scent might make your neighbors suspicious particularly if they are not proponents of growing cannabis. In this case, you might need to keep your window firmly closed and install fans in the grow room to circulate the air.