For the most part, indoor growers won’t have to worry about any diseases or pests plaguing their plants. But, that doesn’t mean it’s entirely impossible. In general, microbial diseases are minimal because the microbes that affect the plants usually don’t exist in Europe or North America (where it’s likely that many of you will be growing from). Nutrient diseases occur, but those are just moments in which the plants receive too many or too few nutrients.

This can be remedied in a number of ways that were outlined in the “Vegetative Growth” section. Pests are really what you need to focus on preventing or eliminating if they make their way into your house. This is because, in nature, these pests will be mitigated by their natural predators, but in an enclosed system inside your house, they won’t have anything but you to stop them. Of course, the best option when it comes to these pests is always prevention. But, some of the most insidious plant pests, like mites and whiteflies, are very difficult to detect. You can bring them in on your hands or clothes or they might slip through cracks in windows. It’s also possible that the mites could have already been in your house to begin with. Many houseplants are resistant to these types of pests, but it doesn’t mean that the pests will stay away from the houseplants. 

Indeed, if you have a houseplant that’s resistant to mites and other pests, it could already be infested with many of these creatures. You can test this out by placing a marijuana seedling in the pot with the other houseplant. If the seedling starts to show signs of drooping or enervation, or if the leaves start turn a whitish color, then you probably have mites already in your house. Make sure to never use the same tools for your houseplants and your marijuana garden. If you have windows in the grow room, install a nylon mesh or wire screen to prevent access to the pests. Also, make sure that the soil you use is pasteurized and sterilized fully so that it doesn’t contain any larval eggs.

Pests can be devastating for your marijuana plants. If you suspect any intruders in your grow room act immediately. There is a section on my website about pest control with pictures of every possible pests. Read them all to identify any problems. 

Eliminating Pests

If you still incur an infestation mites or whiteflies (or any other pests), then there are a few things you can do to get rid of them. Of course, insecticides will work, but many people don’t want to harm their plants with all the chemicals involved. If the plants are otherwise healthy but you can see some major deterioration in the leaves, then you might want to force flowering right away. If the pests only infected a few plants or a few leaves, then try to only remove the infected sections. Plants that are already in flowering stage will likely stand up to any pests adroitly. If the problem still persists, you might want to think about using an insecticide. Sprays that include things like pyrethrum, rotenone, and malathion are generally considered safe to plants when used properly. Of course, you don’t have to spray an entire canister of the insecticide onto your plants to get the job done. The best part about these insecticides is that they degrade into chemical compounds like CO2 and water when they stop working. There are natural solutions that you can make, but they aren’t as effective as these insecticides. Still, it’s important to remove any affected leaves prior to spraying, and also don’t use any insecticide during flowering.