Pruning marijuana plants can be both a logistical practice and something that helps produce more buds when it comes time to harvest. Many indoor growers will want to keep their plants in check if they start to grow too high. This is because there is only so much vertical space in the grow room for plants to really stretch their wings. For the most part, indoor plants don’t grow as large as outdoor plants, but they will need to be kept at bay if they start to grow really well.

Snipping off the top stem will also force the plant to create more branches and grow out wider. So, while you may be losing vertical height, you still won’t be losing anything in terms of girth. If your goal is to ensure uniform growth, then cutting shoots and leaves won’t really harm the plant if done in moderation. You don’t want to get too carried away with this because cutting too many shoots and leaves can make it hard for the plant to regrow anything. You have to give it some time to recuperate before cutting off a large amount of leaves or shoots. 


Before pruning After pruning After a few weeks


For many growers, this might seem like a waste of perfectly adequate leaves and shoots, but, during vegetative growth, the shoots are the most potent part of the plant. They can produce a high-quality smoke that will at least get you a little buzzed. The leaves can also be used in cooking preparations to great success.

The marijuana plants on the picture on the right are grown by a method called ScrOG. It’s an advanced growing technique but it can double your yield! While it might seem obsessive, the vegetative growth period requires intricate attention to detail regarding every aspect of the plant’s development. Neglecting even one aspect could end up having detrimental effects on your plant’s ability to thrive and produce excellent bud.