Once the marijuana plant progresses out of the seedling stage, it will enter vegetative growth. The growth rate will increase by leaps and bounds, and more leaves and branches will start to appear over time. The seedlings will also finally start looking like actual marijuana plants. 


Marijuana plants that were germinated in small pots will need to be transplanted to larger ones as soon as vegetative growth starts to kick in. If the pots are too small for the plants, they can quickly become rootbound and start to lose vigor (or even die).

The key is, of course, to transplant them before that happens. Of course, the transplanting process should be treated with a lot of care because transplant shock is common. You can avoid transplant shock if you treat the process with exceeding caution. Before you do anything, make sure the soil is moist so that nothing will be jarred out of place. Then, insert a spade (or even a large spoon) into the soil about 1-inch away from the plant’s stem. Make sure that you don’t damage the roots and that you take out a large enough clump to make the transplant fully. You should have a previously prepared hole in the new soil. It should be dug in such a way that the seedling will be at the same height.


Squeeze pot to remove Beware of rootbounding Almost rootbound


Place the plant into the hole and cover it as best you can with the new soil. Then, moisten the soil so that the transplant and the host soil form a nice meld. If you do this carefully and correctly, you won’t have to worry about the plants suffering from any transplant shock and they will continue to grow like normal. I transplant my plants when the first root tips grow out the bottom of the pot. 

Vegetative Growth Techniques

From this point on, the plants will largely live out their lives in vegetative growth. It is important to make sure during this stage that you provide them with all the proper environmental conditions that promote growth and higher yields and potency. One of the benefits of growing marijuana indoors is that you can manipulate the conditions exactly as you see fit without having to account for natural influences.