We are unable to provide any type of growing advice, so please do not ask.  We do sell books on that subject, so do not hesitate to consult them!

We at The Altered Native sell seeds solely as novelty, or for exempted medical users.  Possession of seeds is legal in Canada, but the germination of seeds is not.  

By purchasing, you are indicating that you are aware of the laws and that you are at least 18 year of age or older at the time of your purchase.  We waive any and all liability, and you consent not to hold The Altered Native Inc liable, if you choose to go outside of the law.  Please be aware that we at The Altered Native are not promoting breaking laws, and therefore we encourage each and every one of our patrons to follow the law and their local legalization initiatives.

Be Aware That Seeds Are Illegal In Many Countries!

In the event of poor germination (medical exempted), we would like to be notified, even though your problem with the germination is with the breeder of the seed and not The Altered Native.  We would like our customers input, so that we can stop selling any poor performers.


Medical Patients

It is against Canadian Privacy legislation for us to ask you your medical status, and therefore if you wish to make a purchase we are assuming you will abide by your local laws, and if you germinate, we are also allowed to assume that you have the legal right or are exempt to do as such.

We do not sell to any persons that are not holding a permanent residence in Canada or are a legal citizen of Canada!!



For Canadian medical patients ONLY!  All others should consult there local laws and medical legislation.  We do not suggest germination of these seeds if you are not medically approved and exempted.  If you are not in the above status, these seeds are to be seen as novelty items!

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