Orangeville's Premier Tattoo Parlour

Established in 1997, The Altered Native is Orangeville's premier tattoo and piercing parlour. Our artists are skilled in many different styles of tattooing, ranging from fine delicate work to large scale pieces. Our piercers are able to satisfy all your piercing needs. We strive to offer the most friendly service we can! We offer custom tattooing to facilitate all the needs of our customers. 

Our team of artists is dedicated to making our customers happy. We offer custom tattooing to really help bring your idea to life! We offer our customers a clean, safe, welcoming environment. Our artists excel in black and grey work full colour work and fine detail. So pay us a visit and book an always free consultation the next time you're feeling the itch! 

Piercings and Body Modification

We offer wide array of facial and body piercings, all done with precision and care, our piercers pay great attention to make sure each procedure is fast, gentle and perfect. 

Free Consulting:

We offer a free consultation to all our customers, this allows us to create what the customer is really after.

Body Modification:

  • Adult Piercings
  • Large Gauge Piercings
  • Custom Piercings
  • Standard Piercings
  • P.T.F.E. Bioplast & Surgical Stainless Steel Hypoallergenic Jewelry.

Caring for your new piercing

General piercing aftercare and advice. 

Leave your new piercing in for at least 3-6 months before changing your jewelry. (Threading on new jewelry can seriously damage the piercing). Cartlidge and certain areas may take up to 8-12 months to fully heal!

Avoid swimming in ponds, lakes, oceans or pools for at least 6-8 weeks.

Do not touch, play with, or pick at your piercing during the healing process. Do not let anyone else touch, play with, or get their bodily fluids into your piercing. (This is VERY important as it can cause serious infection and irritation).

In the shower, allow the water to hit above your piercing and run over it. Let any ‘crusties’ (scabs) fall off naturally when they are soft. (NO PICKING!)

Rinse very last before getting out of the shower so that no shampoo, conditioner, or soap residue is left behind. - Do not cover your new piercing in make-up, creams, oils, bandages or ointments of any kind. You want the piercing to be able to breathe.  

Avoid having your piercing bumped, banged, pulled, etc. as it can cause damage.

We DO NOT suggest any alcohol, peroxide, polysporin or any other ointments to be used as aftercare. These things can also damage your piercing and inhibit healing.

Make sure bedding, pillowcases and anything else coming in contact with the piercing (phones, headbands, hats, etc.) is clean, as bacteria can easily be transferred to your piercing)

Always wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning or changing your piercing.

Always clean new jewelry before putting it in.

Only use ONE aftercare method.

If you have a concern or issue with your piercing, DO NOT REMOVE IT. Talk to your piercing artist to resolve the issue.  

Caring for your new tattoo


We recommend your wrap stays on for 2 - 4 hours, unless otherwise specified by your artist. 

After removal of your wrapping a wash is required, an unscented low level ph bar soap such as, Dove or Jergen’s antibacterial would be best suited. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your tattoo. Wash your tattoo by creating a foamy lather in hands then apply lather gently to tattoo. After washing, rinse under luke warm water. 

Washing is required 2 - 3 times a day every day for 2 weeks, unless otherwise specified by your artist.

For Aftercare we recommend H2Ocean tattoo aftercare. This product is to be applied 3 - 5 times daily for a period of two weeks. 

During your tattoo’s healing process you will notice a sun-burn like peeling which has the colours of you tattoo in it. This is part of the healing process and should be expected. If any scabbing occurs do not pick it off as you WILL damage your tattoo.

DO treat your fresh tattoo as a fresh open wound, take care when applying any cosmetics or deodorants within 6 inches of your tattoo, as any foreign substance entering your tattoo can and will most likely cause complications during healing. This also includes other people, pets, etc. 

DO NOT pick or scratch at your tattoo as you can accidentally remove ink that you’ve just paid for.  Keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight during the initial two week period, as UV light can be very damaging to you as you heal, THIS INCLUDES TANNING BEDS. After the 2 weeks period you should apply a sun screen SPF 40 or stronger to preserve the life of your tattoo.

DO NOT submerge your tattoo in ANY body of water, this means: lakes, pools, rivers, hot tubs and baths, as all of these can contain foreign chemicals and bacteria that can be damaging to your healing tattoo. Showering is fine while the tattoo is healing, just do not let the water hit directly against your tattoo as hard water pressure may cause irritation.

Please return to The Altered Native within a month’s time for a check up. We do offer a free touch up as long as the provided aftercare is followed. If you do not return after 3 months we cannot guarantee a free touch up.